DAMō: empowering the development of sustainable fashion

How DAMō was born: meaning and values behind the project

The fashion industry towards change

In recent years we are witnessing a transition in the fashion industry towards a more responsible production organisation, demonstrating how important it is to connect the different actors involved in an increasingly synergetic manner.

Design is the starting point for change and material selection is the beginning of every project.

Many manufacturers are implementing techniques for the creation of new textile fibres from waste recovered from different supply chains, such as the industrial or food sectors, aiming the development of technologies that can serve and satisfy strategies based on circularity.

Up-to-date knowledge of the opportunities offered by existing materials on the market enables designers to make conscious and autonomous choices from the earliest stages of design.

This is possible if supported by regular and authentic collaboration with specialised manufacturers enthusiastic about distributing knowledge and resources that can foster responsible fashion development.

DAMō was created to enable designers and manufacturers to meet

DAMō was born out of the desire to enable the meeting of interested parties through a web portal full of interactive tools and accessible resources. DAMō is the ideal place for the creation of fashion products that respect the best standards of ethical design, circular fashion and socio-environmental sustainability.

But what does the name DAMō mean?

Some people have asked us what DAMō means. The name DAMō was carefully designed to embody the fundamental pillars of our project: circularity, creativity, reuse and made in Italy.

Playing with the anagram of the Italian word 'Moda' (fashion), we want to emphasise that, by reusing innovatively what already exists and is ready to be used or reused 'da mò', we can preserve the aesthetic-symbolic elements characteristic of fashion while making it more sustainable.

Let us look in detail at the meaning of our pillars:

  • Circularity: we promote the transition process towards circular design starting with traceability and transparency of the supply chain and promoting certified materials with high-quality standards for the creation of circular fashion products.
  • Creativity: we support the development of creativity by offering designers and brands easy access to sustainable materials at competitive prices and in customised quantities
  • Reuse: we want to promote the use of existing materials or of materials created according to new sustainable recycling technologies, without resorting to the exploitation of new raw materials
  • Made in Italy: we want to enhance the Italian fashion industry, with its textile and manufacturing traditions, supporting it in the process of adapting to the new standards required by the European Community (EU Strategy for Sustainable and circular textiles)

A web portal to support the development of sustainable fashion

We, therefore, decided to create a web portal where technology and transparent communication intertwine to support the development of creative projects. You will be able to move freely within our web portal and be supported at every stage of your research.


Within our easy and intuitive portal, you will be able to choose the solutions that best suit your needs, and find the answers and tools you need to help you in the development of your fashion collections.

The portal is structured to support you in the following three design phases:

  • Search for easily accessible educational content such as product sheets, industry reports and webinars, to educate designers on sustainability issues and promote transparent communication of fashion collections
  • Search for eco-sustainable materials through a marketplace that allows users to source materials from small local producers and certified suppliers, all in line with DAMō's quality, sustainability and traceability standards
  • Development of ethical fashion products. Technology, an essential element for innovation, supports the various stages of design by facilitating and accelerating all processes: 3D technology and AI are used to enhance the creative research and development experience.


In a context of change and innovation, characterised by more and more examples of circular business and aimed at chasing the great challenge of transparency, DAMō wants to become a point of reference to aggregate and support creatives, fashion designers and brands for the complete affirmation of circular fashion.

If you too would like to become part of our community and be updated on DAMō developments, write to us or join our waiting list.


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